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Metalworking in Lviv for any needs:

Laser cutting

Plasma cutting


Flat grinding


Turning works

Bending of metal

Welding works

Manufacturing of stamps


(Українська) Лазерна порізка нержавіючої сталі до 4мм товщини

(Українська) Лазерна порізка чорного металу до 8мм товщини

(Українська) Лазерна порізка труб і профілів до 150мм в діаметрі або по діагоналі

Можливості нашого лазеру дозволяють обробляти: круглі, профільні прямокутні і квадратні труби, профілі з чорного та нержавіючого металу. Максимальні розміри заготовки: для круглих труб - до 150 мм в діаметрі, для профільних прямокутних труб - до 150 мм по діагоналі, штанги - по 3м. Максимальна довжина готової деталі: 3000 мм.

Кожне замовлення на порізку труб і профілів лазером обраховується окремо. Мінімальне замовлення - 1000грн. Для детального прорахунку телефонуйте за номером: +38 (063) 153-82-70. Для складних файлів з фігурними елементами в трубі потрбне підготовлене креслення в форматі .IGS . Креслення надсилайте на пошту: laser@metalworkshop.com.ua

Laser engraving

Laser engraving on metal products

Engraving on metal products

Engraving on leather

Engraving on keyboards

Advertising products

Making tables and shields

Laser marking

Final product

Lviv manufacturer - OOO "Metalworkshop" offers a wide range of products of its own production:

Baking accessories

Cooking utensils

Kitchen equipment

Forms for belts


Household goods

Our products:

Шинковар "Домашнє м'яско"


Press Ham Maker “VETCHINNITSA”

Material: 100% Stainless Steel Package: • Form - 1 pc. • Covers - 2 pcs. • Springs - 3 pcs. • Packing box - 1

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Кондитерские шпателя для крема



The Kolobok Profi Spatula is a tool that helps to apply a cream, level the surface and provide a form of confectionery. It

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Кондитерское кольцо любой выстоты и розмера


Circles for cutting pastry ANY format and size.

Usually made from stainless steel, but we can also use any material of any thickness. Laser REALIZATION FOR YOUR REQUEST,

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Форма роздвижная для тортов круг с прорезями


Sliding form for baking “Circle” with slots

Sliding form "Circle" (for six or nine slots) is intended for  formation cakes, baking biscuits, making souffles and

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Sliding form “HEART”

Sliding form "Heart" is intended for baking cakes, biscuits, making soufflé and various desserts. The products are

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Кольца перфорирование для тартов


Perforated confectionery rings for baking cats of any diameter

Confectionery metal professional shapes with perforation (holes) in the form of a circle, square or heart made of stainless

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Cooperation with us is:

▪ Efficiency in receiving, processing and executing new orders;
▪ Acceptable ratio of price-quality of delivered products;
▪ Punctuality, expiration of delivery terms;
▪ Getting qualified advice on products, production technologies and supplies;
▪ Responsible attitude and prompt response to all comments.

Create a Metal!

We make our own products and execute individual orders: Your drawing is our embodiment! We provide metalworking, plazma cutting and engraving services

Our company has been engaged in metal working for more than 20 years, the experience and skill we have acquired during this time allow us to boldly state, that our products have the best quality in this segment of individual production. We produce: baking molds and equipment for bakeries, household products. We provide metalworking, plasma cutting and engraving services.   Our production is ready for manufacturing of almost anything from metal. We are ready for experiments and attempts. If you have any idea or a dream - take your time!

(Українська) Сертифікат якості: форми хлібопекарські | форма на паску

(Українська) Сертифікат якості: висічки

(Українська) Сертифікат якості: посуд для випікання | посуд кухонний

(Українська) Сертифікат якості: тортівниця


Kumpel Group

"Kumpel Group" express their gratitude to the Ltd. "Metalworkshop" for the good cooperation, which means understanding and hard work. In the course of their activities, the company's experts confirmed their high professional status and efficiency in solving problems. Managers for work with clients are qualified and friendly. All purchase orders were successfully completed. Commitments, made by the firm under the contracts, were executed in full. Special appreciation to the team for the warmth and care for each of its clients. It's nice to deal with such well-organized employees.

Auchan Retail Ukraine

I would like to thank the team of "Metalworkshop" and note the positive moments of our cooperation: ▪ Efficiency in reception, processing and execution of new orders; ▪ Acceptable ratio of price-quality of delivered products; ▪ Punctuality, expiration of delivery terms; ▪ Getting qualified advice on products, technologies of production and supply; ▪ Responsible attitude and prompt response to all comments; Ltd "Metalworkshop" is included in the list of reliable suppliers, and we are looking forward to further cooperation.


During our cooperation, "Metalworkshop" Ltd has established itself as a reliable partner. It is worth noting the quality and promptness of the execution of orders, as well as the kindness, competence, professionalism of employees, an individual approach to each dealer. The managers of the company will always find the answers to all of our questions, telephone or electronic, and will provide the necessary advice. "Metalworkshop" company does not stand still - it is always improved, it keeps track of new products in the market, takes part in exhibitions and in the discussion of new products. In business it's very important to have such a permanent, friendly, reliable partner as "Metalworkshop", beacause it is one of the components of success.



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