Кольца перфорирование для тартов

Perforated confectionery rings for baking cats of any diameter

Confectionery metal professional shapes with perforation (holes) in the form of a circle, square or heart made of stainless steel for the baking of sand dough products (tarts, cats, pies, gazettes).

Perforation provides circulation of air and removes excess moisture during baking. Reduces the risk of burning products and ensures homogeneous baking on all sides. Sand dough is the perfect foundation for your creativity! Only the perforated baking rings will help you to prepare a fragrant shingle, a bright tart or to bake small tartlets with an ideal structure.

Perforated confectionery rings in assortment of any Ø and height 25mm. Laser gaming according to your requirement, for example, the website of your online store or phone (the logo and larger pictures are discussed in addition).

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